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What is required for membership in Mu Eta Sigma?

The test score is one of two requirements for membership in Mu Eta Sigma.  Students must first submit acceptable test scores as outlined under eligibility requirements, and complete 10 hours of community service each year.  An initial membership fee is due with application to Mu Eta Sigma and an annual renewal fee, along with community service is required to maintain active membership.


What time of year can I join Mu Eta Sigma?


Your student can apply for Mu Eta Sigma at any time during the year. Because the most commonly recognized college entrance exams and nationally-normed achievement tests, the PSAT, SAT, PreACT,   ACT, IOWA and Stanford tests, are given at multiple times throughout the year, we did not establish an annual deadline for Mu Eta Sigma membership. To limit registration would be prohibitive in our eyes. Any student with the appropriate scores deserves to receive recognition for their mathematical merit.

How were the requirements for test scores established?
The threshold scores for the SAT/PSAT were established using the College Board SAT - College Bound Seniors Group Totals Report. We looked at the High School Grade Point Average for 2016 SAT Test Takers that had an A (93-96) average, and found that this group had a Mean Mathematics Score of 598. It is from this score that we set our SAT/PSAT minimum MHS membership scores of 600). The ACT/PreACT score was established using the common minimum score requirements set by larger Universities for automatic academic admission, as well as the minimum score requirements set for Engineering College admission. The 90% score on the IOWA and Stanford is also a commonly accepted criterion to distinguish honor students, along with the Classic Learning Test (CLT) with a Quantitative Reasoning score of 24. We chose to not require a certain GPA because parents might be perceived as being a biased source and therefore the GPA would not be an objective measure of the student’s performance.

Are test scores required to be submitted annually?

Students are admitted to Mu Eta Sigma upon submitting their first eligible test score as outlined under eligibility guidelines.  Students are not required to resubmit test scores annually unless membership in Mu Eta Sigma lapses.  Membership is maintained by annual community service of 10 hours and an annual renewal fee.   

What tests are acceptable for Mu Eta Sigma membership? 

Mu Eta Sigma accepts the most commonly recognized college entrance exams and nationally-normed achievement tests.  Mu Eta Sigma accepts scores from the SAT, PSAT, ACT, PreACT, Stanford or the IOWA Achievement Test.  The IOWA will only be accepted if administered in a group setting.  We do not accept IOWA scores when the test is administered by the parent. 

If I choose to send a notarized copy of my test scores, what methods of notarizing will be acceptable to Mu Eta Sigma?


Some notaries will simply verify, stamp and notarize the copy of the student test score when presented the original and a copy. (Sample A) Other notaries will verify, stamp, and notarize the parents signature on the test score copy  (Sample B), and some notaries may require a short affidavit or statement that the parent has presented student test scores and signed these scores in their presence (Sample C). This affidavit can be attached to the copy of the test scores. All these methods are correct.

Will Mu Eta Sigma maintain a record of my membership? 

Mu Eta Sigma will maintain a membership record for all members, along with their annual 10 hours of community service documentation. All student records can be retrieved by request via e-mail to

Who is eligible for Mu Eta Sigma membership?

Age - Qualified students shall be those who have entered grades 9th – 12th. 

Home-Educated - Qualified students must be homeschooled students whose education is managed by their parents or legal guardians. A qualified student’s education may include the use of tutors, video courses, Internet courses, college correspondence courses, classes in cooperation with other homeschooled students, and other creative methods that supplement home education. 
Public & Privately Funded Education
 - Students who are primarily enrolled in a public or private school system (thus eligible for Mu Alpha Theta membership) are not eligible for membership in Mu Eta Sigma, the Homeschool Math Honor Society. A student is “primarily enrolled” in a private or public school for Mu Eta Sigma purposes if more than 50% of that student's education is provided by the school.  Mu Eta Sigma defines the public school system to include public schools, tax-funded charter schools, tax-funded independent study programs, or any other form of education that is subject to legal restrictions solely because it is funded by government money or property. 

Does Mu Eta Sigma offer chapter membership?


No. We wanted to provide our members the opportunity to join an honor society that did not require weekly or monthly meetings with a local chapter. Homeschoolers who live in a rural area may find it cost-prohibitive or time-consuming to travel to meeting locations. We hope that being a member of Mu Eta Sigma will allow students to immediately enjoy the distinction of honor society affiliation without the burden of locating or establishing their own chapter. We do acknowledge the benefits of chapter or “club” meetings and see no obstacles to Mu Eta Sigma members establishing their own “math clubs” if they so desire.


Why a Math Honor Society instead of a “general” Honor Society?


A wonderful honor society already exists for homeschooled students, but not every student is gifted in every area. Mu Eta Sigma was established to recognize those students who may not meet all the requirements of a general Honor Society, but have achieved a level of mathematical excellence worthy of distinction in a National Math Honor Society. Public and private school students are exclusively allowed this opportunity through a well-known honor society, and now Mu Eta Sigma provides this same opportunity to our homeschooled students.


Can I be a member of more than one honor society?


You bet! In fact we highly recommend you look at the membership requirements of Eta Sigma Alpha National Home School Honor Society, established in 1999. You can read more about this organization at Being a member of several honor societies will only enhance your high school transcript and improve your college admissions or scholarship application process.

What type of community service is eligible to maintain Mu Eta Sigma membership?

Members are encouraged to use their talents in any way that God is leading them.  We have a page on the website with suggestions, but are flexible regarding the various talents and approaches students may implement for their community service requirement. Since we are a math honor society, we suggest that the student initially consider using those skills to help others, possibly in tutoring younger students in their community, in Boys and Girls Clubs, Church settings, or Co-ops.  However, students are not limited to math related community service activities.  Any service to your community or others is accepted.

When are the completion of the required 10 hours of community service hours for membership and renewals due to be posted on-line to Mu Eta Sigma? 

Ten, (10), hours of personal, or joint, community service is to be performed by each member, each year, prior to their renewal date. Each member is given one year to complete his/her 10 hours of community service (12 months from their membership activation date). At the completion of the student's 10 hours of community service, the student, or parent, is to log onto this website at the Community Service tab and update their student's record with the type of community service completed. This will allow the student to maintain an active status with Mu Eta Sigma for the the student's one year membership. Membership may be renewed each consecutive year by paying a renewal fee of $25 prior to membership expiration and completing and recording another 10 hours of community service during the 12 months of the renewal year.   


What if I don't send in my student's scores for verification? 

Ideally once an online application is made to Mu Eta Sigma, student test scores should be submitted within the month.  Occasionally, we have students that never submit/mail their test scores for the required verification. Mu Eta Sigma will normally send an email reminder that student scores are still needed and their membership is not considered active until their scores have been verified. If after six months Mu Eta Sigma has not received the student scores for verification and has not heard from the student or family, any fees collected at the time of application will be contributed toward the funding of the annual Mu Eta Sigma student scholarships.   


Additional questions can be forward to: 

We look forward to hearing from you!


Sheri Gervais and Susan Hare, founders of Mu Eta Sigma, National Math Honor Society

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