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Why Join An Honor Society?
The College Application Process is Competitive:

Mu Eta Sigma interviewed the admission counselors of Tier 1 Universities* and found that they commonly observed various honor societies on student applicant transcripts. This was the general expectation, as a majority of college applicants included an honor society designation.

Therefore, homeschooled students' transcripts appear at a disadvantage without honor society memberships to recognize academic merit. Mu Eta Sigma feels it is imperative that opportunities are provided for homeschooled students to distinguish themselves scholastically.


Greater Numbers Seeking Higher Education:


  • More high school graduates today pursue higher education than ever before.

  • Increased numbers of individuals from the workplace are returning to the college classroom to seek additional education due to the economic environment.

  • Returning veterans are taking advantage of the educational benefits the Veterans Administration offers to help obtain a college education.

  • 64% of the cadets entering one of the 3 U.S. military service academies will have an honor society designation as part of their profile.


What Colleges are Saying about Mu Eta Sigma and Leadership Skills:


Mu Eta Sigma contacted top ranked universities* to speak with them about their perception of Mu Eta Sigma and if they would recognize it as comparable to other recognized math honor societies.  These Universities all considered honor society designations a regular part of a well-rounded transcript and unequivocally answered that they would equally recognize Mu Eta Sigma with other established honor societies.  


Admission Officers, Directors of Undergraduate Admissions, and Admissions Counselors have stated repeatedly that they are looking for student leadership and initiative. They want students who have maximized each opportunity within the organizations and community service opportunities in which they have chosen to participate.


How Mu Eta Sigma Recognizes Leadership Skills of our Members: 


This is why Mu Eta Sigma designated a Student Spotlight page for our members to be recognized for their community activities and involvement with those around them. Mu Eta Sigma encourages our members to share their achievements and contributions in their community and academic life. 


Student submissions may be provided to Mu Eta Sigma, with a student photo, to Any articles submitted may receive minor editorial changes to ensure website compatibility and length requirements are met. A copy of the Mu Eta Sigma Student Spotlight Questionnaire can be found here.


If a student is highlighted in our Student Spotlight, this individual acknowledgment can be referenced on a student’s transcript as honor society recognition from Mu Eta Sigma. This recognition can also be shown on college admissions and scholarship applications.


Our Members Make a Difference:

Mu Eta Sigma students are making a difference each and every day in the community in which they are involved. We are proud of the impact one life can make when they choose to interact with others in a positive way.


Our homeschooling students of the future will face the need to be more competitive with their scores and transcripts. Memberships will play a part in building a weighty transcript that will be required to contend.


*Tier 1 Universities Polled by Mu Eta Sigma (ranking by the U.S. News and World Report Best Colleges 2019)


  • Northwestern University (#10)

  • University of Virginia (Tied #25)

  • Georgetown University (Tied #22)

  • University of Texas (Tied #49)

  • Texas A&M University of Texas (Tied #66)

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