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Community Service: 

Members are encouraged to use their talents in any way that God is leading them.


We suggest that the student initially consider using their math skills to help others, possibly in tutoring younger students in their community, in Boys and Girls Clubs, Church settings, or Co-ops.  However, students are not limited to math related community service activities.  Any service to your community or others is accepted. 


Below are some ideas to help you get started, however, you are not limited to these.  We would love to hear from you if you have some great ideas for community service and we’ll post them to this page to share with others.

Completed Service:
Completed your hours of service for the year? 

Once you have completed your 10 hours of community service, you will need to send us your community service information using the on-line form below.  All 10 hours of community service do not need to be sent in at once.


  • Math mentoring in after school programs or local homeschool co-ops

  • Math mentoring with the Boys and Girls Clubs

  • Math mentoring in summer school programs

  • Serve in the local food bank or clothing distribution

  • Serve in holiday meal distribution for the community


Outside your community:


Have a great community service idea to share with members of MHS? 

Contact us here:

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