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How to Apply for Membership in
Mu Eta Sigma: 

There is an initial fee of $50 dollars to apply for membership to Mu Eta Sigma.


Ten, (10), hours of personal, or joint, community service is to be performed by each member, each year, prior to their renewal date. Each member is given one year to complete his/her 10 hours of community service (12 months from their membership activation date). At the completion of the student's 10 hours of community service, the student, or parent, is to log onto this website and update their student's record with the type of community service completed. This will allow the student to maintain an active status with Mu Eta Sigma for the the student's one year membership.



In order to apply for or renew a one year membership, each student must complete the application process below:


On-line Method for New Applications and Renewals: 

1. Complete the online form on this page

2. Pay on-line using our secure PayPal button (or mail a check to the address below)

3. Email or mail a copy of your student's qualifying test scores. NOTE: We have suspended the requirement to have student test scores notarized.  Please screenshot or provide a PDF print of your student score report, which reflects the student’s name and scores, and email it to or mail it to the MHS address below.

Mailing address:


Mu Eta Sigma

P.O. Box 1282 

Bellville, TX 77418


(click here for Senior Upgrade Form)


 Senior members of Mu Eta Sigma now have an opportunity to purchase an Enhanced Senior Membership, which is in addition to the student's annual membership. This is an optional upgrade, as all senior students may not desire a cord or stole for graduation. There are three different membership upgrade choices offered below. With each upgrade choice, a recognition item is provided. There are no additional costs associated with the shipping of your recognition item. These items are not available for purchase, but are only available to our senior members through our Mu Eta Sigma Enhanced Senior Membership.


Enhanced Senior Membership upgrade A: $45

Recognition Item: Gold Honor Stole with Royal Blue Embroidery of Greek Lettering Mu Eta Sigma on left side of Stole. The Embroidered Honor Stole may be used during graduation ceremonies to indicate membership Mu Eta Sigma. Gold Honor Stole with Royal blue Embroidery (Click here for an example)


Enhanced Senior Membership upgrade B: $30

Recognition Item: Honor Cord. This single cord, with two colors, royal blue and gold, can be worn alone or with any honor stole. It indicates membership in Mu Eta Sigma and will enhance any graduation gown at commencement exercises. Honor Cord (Click here for an example)


•Enhanced Senior Membership upgrade C: $60

Recognition Item: Gold Honor Stole + Cord with Royal Blue Embroidery of Greek Lettering Mu Eta Sigma on left side of Stole plus single cord, with 2 colors (royal blue and gold). Gold Honor Stole with Royal Blue Embroidery plus Honor Cord (Click here for an example)


Click Here to Purchase an Enhanced Senior Membership


Because the tests we recognize for eligibility are given at multiple times throughout the year, we did not establish an annual deadline for Mu Eta Sigma membership. Your membership date begins from the date of application through the following 12 months.  Renewal notification will be sent to the student and family at the email addresses provided with application.  Spam filters may sometimes prevent the receipt of the email, so feel free to email and ask about your renewal date if a search of your email does not provide you the date of your application.

In order to maintain an active status in Mu  Eta Sigma, membership may be renewed each consecutive year by:

(1)   Paying a renewal fee of $25 prior to membership expiration.


(2)  Completing and recording another 10 hours of community service during the next 12 months.

Test scores will NOT need to be resubmitted as long as an active membership is maintained. 

If membership is allowed to expire, you may reactivate your membership at any time during the 12 months following your expiration date. There is a reactivation fee of $25, along with the annual renewal fee of $25.

If you have additional questions, you may e-mail them to:

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