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2024 Scholarship Winner
Student Spotlight
Matthew Langton

Grade: Graduating Senior

State: South Carolina

Mu Eta Sigma member since: 2022 

Describe why you enjoy math: When life seems unpredictable or out of control, math presents order. 

Describe how you anticipate using math in your future: At this time, I am planning to double major in Marketing and Accounting. Math plays a crucial role in both marketing and accounting. In marketing, data analysis is used to identify consumer trends and behavior, as well as to measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. This involves using statistical analysis to interpret data, calculating conversion rates, and determining return on investment. Mathematical models are used to forecast sales and predict future trends. Accounting also heavily relies on math, as it involves tracking and analyzing financial transactions. Accountants use math to calculate profits and losses, create financial statements, and determine tax liabilities. They also use mathematical formulas to calculate depreciation, interest, and other financial metrics. 

I have been involved in my community through the following service projects (Accumulation of over 1000 hours throughout high school):

  • Food Pantries: Homeless Resource Centers–(during grades 2-present) USC-L Food Pantry-(Grades 11-present) Second Harvest-(Grades 6-present) 

  • Youth Services: YMCA Youth Sports Clinics-(Grades 9, 10) Camp Rock Counselor-(Grades 9-present) First Tee Asst Coach-(Grades 9-present)


  • Anne Springs Close Guy Camp Counselor Church Volunteer: Forest Hill Next Gen Intern-(Grades 11-present)  Forest Hill Church Youth Leader (Grades 7-present)


  • Museum Docent: President James K. Polk State Historic Site (Grades 11-present)


My favorite project was museum docent for the following reason: As a museum docent at the James K. Polk State Historic Site, I was given a folder of information to present to the museum guests. While I valued the content, It was dry and boring, and I found it hard to keep anyone’s attention. The site directors allowed me to use imagination and humor to help bring the Polk family’s everyday life on the farm alive. This new perspective made the mundane material more fun and interesting, inspiring the guests to return again-and bring friends.


I have set the following goals for myself for the next:

  •  1 year: Be accepted to the college of my choice and be able to afford it


  • 5 years: Graduate from college debt free and get a job that I look forward to going to every day.


My parents have inspired me to consider: My parents have taught me to not only focus on my own benefits but also how I can use the opportunities I have to help others. Prioritizing and serving others make these opportunities more fulfilling and rewarding.


My favorite subject in school has been: My favorite subject is history. I believe that studying the past can help us understand why things are the way they are today. By reviewing past successes and failures, and the consequences that followed, we are able to make better decisions. Studying different cultures and viewpoints can promote empathy and provide a different perspective on diversity.


My favorite extracurricular activity has been: My favorite extracurricular activity has been running track. Beyond the physical activity, which keeps me more focused, I enjoy being part of a team. I enjoy the competition and working towards accomplishing mutual goals.


The most challenging thing I have ever experienced is: Living with epilepsy has been the toughest challenge I’ve faced. It has led me to miss out on many experiences when I was younger, making me feel excluded and different. Learning to work through the challenges of epilepsy and overcoming the limitations it put on my life has instilled a strong sense of empathy for others and their struggles.  My personal struggle has enabled me to connect with others facing adversity, hopefully making them feel they are not alone in their challenges.


My greatest accomplishment to date has been: One of my proudest moments in high school was when I won the Volunteer of the Year award during my ninth grade year. With Covid shutting down everything, including schools, I couldn't ignore the fact that many kids in traditional schools were missing out on activities and social interaction. That's when I decided to volunteer with the First Tee organization. Despite the challenges of the pandemic, like wearing masks outside in 90 degree weather and maintaining distances, we managed to create programs specifically for kids, blending golf skills with character-building activities. It was tough, but seeing the smiles on the kids' faces made it all worth it as well as making a lasting impression on me.  

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