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Student Spotlight

Name: Andrew Walker

Age: 17

Grade: 11

State: Alabama

Member in MHS Since: 2022

Describe why you enjoy math: I enjoy math because it’s a subject of absolutes.  With rules, processes and functions that always apply, even complex math is simple in that its nature is objective, and there’s always a correct answer.  

Describe how you anticipate using math in your future: I plan to work in the mechanical engineering field, so obviously math will be a constantly necessary tool for design or problem solving.  

I have been involved in my community through the following:

  • Distribution of Christmas parade route announcements for the Gardendale Chamber of Commerce


  • Just Keep Smiling (a non-profit organization that provides financial aid for critically ill children)


  • The GFBC worship band


  • Occasional substitute drumming for churches

My favorite project was: The GFBC worship band. I enjoyed drumming for GFBC every week with little available prep time helped me learn to improvise better and perform better in front of a crowd.  

I have set the following goals for myself for the next:

1 year:
 Work a job, finish high school, exercise consistently, and make improvements in my school work ethic.

5 years:  Complete a bachelor’s degree without accruing college debt, work a co-op job in the engineering field, and continue studying for a masters in engineering.  

My parents have inspired me to consider: Mechanical engineering.  Both of my parents are mechanical engineers, and my dad has created a successful career from it.  I wish to follow in his footsteps.

My favorite subject in school is, or has been: Math, Logic, or Philosophy

My favorite extra-curricular activity is, or has been: Learning to play the drumkit

The most challenging thing I have ever experienced is: Academically, preparing to play 4 total roles in 2 mock trials for a school project.  

My greatest accomplishment to date has been:
Academically, my most recent ACT score of 33, with a 35 in math.

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