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Student Spotlight

Name: Wyatt Hanaway

Age: 17

Grade: 12th

State: Indiana

Member Mu Eta Sigma Since: 2020

Describe why you enjoy math: I have enjoyed math from a young age because I love puzzles. I delight in being able to have a situation handed to me in order to crack it, and math especially equations have always provided me that opportunity.

Describe how you anticipate using math in your future: With my sights on being a Cyber criminologist, I will use math to crack the basics of computers and to decrypt ciphers that criminals use to hide stolen data.

I have been involved in my community through the following service projects:


  • LaGrange County Food and Clothes Basket: Here I was a pantry worker, trash disposer, and shipment worker.


  • Tutor: I've tutored in Algebra and Geometry


  • 4-H: I am a current volunteer with my county's 4-H.


  • Extension Board: I am one of the youth members on the board to help Purdue reach out into my community and our state legislature to raise agricultural awareness.

My favorite project was LaGrange County Food and Clothes Basket because I enjoyed working alongside my community's elders and learning from them. I also got to experience the needs of my county first-hand and what I can do to help.

  • 1 year: I plan on attending Indiana State University to pursue Cybercriminology and Security Studies. I also plan on staying active in community service projects.


  • 5 years: After college, I hope to have a strong foundation to go and work hard protect everyday citizens from the hands of criminals, who want to take your personal data and use it for their advantage. I will still remain active in whatever community I am a part of.

My parents have inspired me to consider: That no matter where I go in life and no matter what I choose to do, family will always be there to help you, and that there is nothing more important in this world then the family.

My favorite subject in school is, or has been: History and any sort of Mathematics

My favorite extra-curricular activity is, or has been: Working on my family farm

The most challenging thing I have ever experienced is: Understanding the complexities of a small town to better serve my community is probably the biggest challenge I have faced.

My greatest accomplishment to date has been: Proving that, with faith and a little hard work, anything is possible.

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