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2023 MHS Scholarship Winner
Cequyia York

Name: Cequyia York

Age: 17

Grade: 12th

State: Alabama

Member Since: 2022

Describe why you enjoy math: I love the complexity of manipulating the various degree of numbers to produce a new equation or product. Math has always been an area where I can use my different formulas to get specific answers doing them several different ways. There is always something unique that can be done with using numbers to create something.

How do you anticipate using math in your future: I plan to use math as I continue my education pursuing a career in Anthropology. I will use math analyzing the data from different cultures and creating new ways to bridge the gap to educate each culture about how to get involve in helping others learn about their lifestyle and ways of giving back to the community.

I have been involved in my community through the following service projects:

  • MERGE: Through MERGE I was able to participate in an Eight-Week long open enrollment virtual exchange for 15–19-year-old girls in the United States and the Middle East/North Africa. I was able to explore, learn, and share practical approaches to building resilience within myself and my communities. I worked on projects that focused on depression and how to help the community deal with depression.

  • Prodisee Pantry - Filed applications, discarded old food, restocked dry goods, unloaded the truck, and emptied the trash.

  • Church Mission - I served in the East St. Louis area and Atlanta, GA. I was able to work with Open Hands ministry, Calvary Chapel Church, Books for Africa, and helped take care of refugee children.

  • Whatever Ministry - This particular program help young girls find purpose and value while giving back to their community through serving others. The biggest two events of the program are the Christmas Jubilee and the Whatever Worship.

My favorite project was working with the church mission because: I enjoyed helping homeless women polish their finger nails and comb their hair, painting a church and planting new flowers in the garden, as well as caring for the refugee children. Seeing their faces light up from just being read to and giving them snacks to eat warmed my heart.


I have set the following goals for myself for the next:


1 year: I will be attending Emory University to study Anthropology and continue my swimming career.

5 years: I plan to get my Masters in Anthropology and work in Archives for the Department of Defense and make the USA Olympic Swim Trials. I also hope to be completing a documentary in different languages about history.


My parents have inspired me to consider: To be what GOD has called me to be and serve others. To always stay humble and trustworthy no matter the situation.


My favorite subject in school has been: History and Language


My favorite extra-curricular activity has been: Swimming and Reading


The most challenging thing I have ever experienced is: Thrust into the never-ending pace of living, I have experienced moving from place to place, both from schools and athletic teams. About two years ago, I moved from my swim team of twelve years to the rival swim team located just thirteen miles away. Due to the unhealthy environment, my family and I thought it was best to say goodbye; however, the change was not easy. At the pinnacle of my training, I not only had to move from my dear friends, but I also moved into a team whose training style was completely different. It took me months to fully adapt and see progress in my swimming, which caused me to be discouraged and doubt my decision to move. But I grew to learn how to appreciate the challenges that come with a new change in life. I watched myself grow in the water and in my leadership skills within my team. I worked on accepting my conditions and making myself the best version I could. I have grown to embrace the times when a season comes to an end, and change must happen.


My greatest accomplishment has been: My greatest accomplishment has been being accepted into the exchange virtual program for my junior year and then applying to study abroad. The greatest news that I received from the director was that I was selected to study abroad in Ghana for my senior year.

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