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2023 MHS Scholarship Winner
Kyla Kinahan

Name: Kyla Kinahan

Age: 18

Grade: 12th

State: New Jersey

Member Since: 2021

Describe why you enjoy math: In a chaotic world, math is stable and safe. Math eliminates the need for argument. Although there could be numerous ways to arrive at an answer, there is only one correct answer in math. 

How do you anticipate using math in your future: In nursing, math is an essential skill as formulas are used to determine how much to put into intravenous therapy (IV) fluid drugs and injections, as well as calculating oral medications. Additionally, nurses will have to use statistics to identify particular patterns in a patient's vitals to better respond to their medical changes.

I have been involved in my community through the following service projects:

  • Face Mask Initiative - 1400 volunteer hours

    • Spearheaded construction of 1600 individual masks with cut fabric and elastic on a sewing machine

    • Researched organizations to which I could donate personal creations 

    • Donated 50-100 masks at a time to 20 researched organization

  • Junior Cheerleading Coach - 50 volunteer hours

    • Directed safe, ambitious practice sessions by teaching cheers & stunts to 22 cheerleaders ages 8-13 years old

    • Choreographed and taught half-time dance

    • Established benchmarks for performance & monitored both individual and team progress

    • Collaborated with head coach to improve technique

  • Book Reviewer - 100 volunteer hours

    • After reading an appropriately challenging book, used format to write and post 52 original reviews for potential readers on the public library website

My favorite project was the self-initiated and self-directed face mask creations.


I have set the following goals for myself for the next:


1 year: Be a member of either the Montclair State University cheerleading or dance team.

5 years: Have passed the NCLEX exam to be a registered nurse traveling the country as a registered nurse, exploring the various placements to determine the speciality I wish to persue.


My parents have inspired me to consider: my spending habits and save for my future.


My favorite subject in school has been: Chinese


My favorite extra-curricular activity has been: Dance


The most challenging thing I have ever experienced is: making the decision to be homeschooled for two years to reduce the risk of exposure to COVID. Even though I protected my grandmother from ever contracting the deadly disease, I missed out on so much of my high school experience.


My greatest accomplishment has been: being accepted to 14 direct admit nursing programs despite being homeschooled for two years.

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