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Student Spotlight

Name: Logan Harper

Age: 18

Grade: 12

Home State: Florida

Mu Eta Sigma member since: 2022

Describe why you enjoy math: I enjoy doing hands on projects such as woodworking.  This summer I turned a cargo trailer into a camper. I made all custom furniture and even added an electrical and a plumbing system.  Apart from my use of math, it wouldn’t have been possible for me to design and build this project.

Describe how you anticipate using math in your future: I enjoy designing things and problem solving to make things more efficient. Therefore, I am pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering degree.  Thus, in my work, I will heavily rely on math.

I have been involved in my community through the following service projects:


  • Little library project: I played a large part in this project; I helped design and build 5 mini libraries.  All five of these are still in use today, six years later.


  • Fishing line collection containers:  Although FWC puts out collection containers in popular fishing areas, much fishing line is lost from boats.  To help with this problem I lead a community service project.  We made fishing line collection containers out of used tennis ball containers and shower curtain clips.  Not only were they easy to use but also very cheap to make.


  • Waterway cleanups: Litter in waterways not only looks bad but also affects wildlife.  Several times I participated in waterway cleanups.  I invited friends to go out with me, and then we all kayaked around removing trash from the water.


  • Give Kids the World Village: I have volunteered there several times over the past year helping give critically ill children the time of their life.  I have helped serve them lunch, dinner and served ice cream to them a couple times.  In the summer of 2023 I, along with several others, gathered and made around 40 pillow cases to donate to this organization.


  • Choir: for four years now, I have sung in the youth choir at my church; every year volunteering over 50 hours of my time.

My favorite project was: waterway cleanups, because it has been an ongoing project for me.  Not only have I been able to spend time out on the water but also, I have been able to greatly improve the waterways that I go to.

I have set the following goals for myself for the next:


  • 1 year: By next year I plan to graduate high school and start working full time on college classes.


  •  5 years: I plan to finish college and get a job so I can be able to support a family.

My parents have inspired me to consider the following: My parents have set high standards for me, pushing me to get a college education.  This has inspired me to pursue an education in engineering wherein I can make money from doing thing that I enjoy.

My favorite subject in school has been: Math. As math has coincided with several of my hobbies, I have started appreciating and enjoying it.

My favorite extra-curricular activity has been: Boating. My favorite thing outside of schooling is boating. I enjoy being out on the water and seeing the wildlife.

The most challenging thing I have ever experienced is: In 2019 I fundraised $8,500 to go to Japan for an exchange program.

My greatest accomplishment to date has been: I raised $8500 over a year to go to Japan.

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