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2020 Scholarship Winner

Student Spotlight

Garrett Hidalgo


Grade: 12


State: Texas


Year you became member in Mu Eta Sigma: 2016


Describe why you enjoy math: I enjoy math because it allows me to understand other subjects at a higher level. Whether it is using calculus to derive physics' formulas or algebra to quickly navigate chemistry problems, math has allowed me to see how everything is connected.


Describe how you anticipate using math in your future: My plan right now is to double major in chemical engineering and mathematics. I foresee mathematics becoming a part of my daily life over the next decade as I get my degrees and my first job. I also have been tutoring in mathematics and chemistry for the past three years. I intend to continue this practice as long as the Lord keeps leading students to me. Outside of this, I look forward to furthering my knowledge in math even after college. It is often said the best teachers remain students all their lives. I aim for mathematics to be a part of my life as long as I have the mental capacity to continue learning.


I have been involved in my community through the following service projects: I have participated in multiple service projects, including mucking out homes after Hurricane Harvey, working VBS for the past 7 years, volunteering at Pennywise, volunteering at the Houston Food Bank, helping with Katy Home Savers, working the KACH Science Fair, and serving at Katy Prairie Conservancy. My favorite project was mucking out homes after Harvey for the following reason: I saw how much it meant to the owner of one of the houses after he held back tears while praying over lunch. You don't always get to see the impact of your service, but in this case I was able to see how much my work affected someone's heart.


I have set the following goals for myself for the next:


  • 1 year: Make the track team at LeTourneau

  • 5 years: Graduate from college with minimal debt and obtain my masters degree in chemical engineering


My parents have Inspired me to consider: My parents have encouraged me to consider running at LeTourneau University. I was skeptical at first, but after meeting with the coach, I have been working to get my times down in order to be competitive at the D3 level.


My favorite subject in school has been: Calculus II


My favorite extracurricular activity is, or has been: Track and Field


The most challenging thing I have ever experienced Is: Having to give up violin lessons


My greatest accomplishment to date has been: Finishing Calculus II with an A (no calculators allowed)