2019 Scholarship Winner
Student Spotlight
Samantha Schwartz

Name:   Samantha J. Schwartz


Age:   18


Grade:   12th


State: Mississippi


First became member in Mu Eta Sigma:   2016


Describe why you enjoy math:   Numbers are everywhere. We use math every day. It is inescapable, and it is the one part of this volatile universe that never changes. It is logic and rationality; resolute and universal; and the language of science.


Describe how you anticipate using math in your future: As a forensic science crime lab technician, I will find math vital in my career. Math is the language of science, used constantly for figuring the chemical composition of a substance and thus determining its relevance in a criminal case.


I have been involved in my community through the following service projects:   my church's children's choir, Christmas cookies for cops,  my church's orchestra, mission trips for Vacation Bible School, and candy for teachers.


My favorite project was: working with Sue's Home for my Stars and Stripes, for the following reason: I had the opportunity to plan and implement my own community service project and make a major difference in my community.


I have set the following goals for myself for the next

  • 1 year: I will be working towards a bachelor's degree in biology at Mississippi College.

  • 5 years: I will be working towards a master's degree in forensic science with the University of Florida online while working at a crime lab in Jackson or Gulfport, Mississippi.


My parents have inspired me to consider: a career path in forensic science due to my love for both science and criminal investigation.


My favorite subject in school is, or has been: Any math class, especially analytical geometry.


My favorite extra-curricular activity is, or has been: piano.


The most challenging thing I have ever experienced is: facing back surgery for scoliosis as a child.


My greatest accomplishment to date has been:   Earning the Stars and Stripes.